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Yesterday morning I sized around 100 .223 cases, though after a half dozen got one stuck (a rim tore off) and had to switch to the RCBS small base die to finish off the rest.

There was no way to save all the pieces. The decap pin was stuck deep in the case because of the long Lee expander hanging on the case neck. I had no stuck case extractor on hand and the drill bit would have eaten into the decap pin, so I knocked out the case using the decap pin as a punch.

Later on I found out Midway carries spare Lee .308 decap pins but not .223, so I'd need to call Lee directly. Instead I bought a complete replacement sizer as part of an RGB set, so I have an extra seating die. I also bought one of their hand presses so that along with that extra die I can do my ladder testing and load up cases with the best results at the range .
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