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Originally Posted by bigmike82 View Post
But this is precisely why CG's for-sale forums are better than any of the other ones out there. With the relaxtion of the commenting rules, there's a sense of community again which is truly what sets the FS section apart from anything else.
No, that is why the for sale section sucks. Shilling offers a sense of community? That's laugh inducing.

"Good luck with the sale"

Yeah, I can just feel the brotherly love. Text templates really bring out the best of what CGN has to offer. Shilling does nothing to promote a community. If shilling is allowed, so should 'thread crapping'. Shilling is thread crapping that is advantageous for the seller, given it is entirely subjective.

Adding information about a particular piece is one thing, such as "Hey, I ran the serial number of your Garand for sale and it places the date of production between..." or "The arsenal that made that K98 is..." but "great seller" does nothing. There is an iTrader rating for a reason. I don't know why the administration gave in on this.

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