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I know of two people that live in L.A. County (outside the city of L.A.) that have CCW permits issued to them by the county sheriff. I know they have "good cause" i.e. carrying large amounts of cash/jewelry. But I would really like to know what else constitutes "good cause" at this time. I work in property owned by me in neighborhoods such as South L.A. and Compton. My livelihood also depends on my driving from said work place through these neighborhoods. I have had no break ins in my property for over 7 years that I've been there. Vandalism on the outside and someone broke a window during regular business hours. Cars have occasionally been broken into. At worst, one or two people came into my businesses carrying a screwdriver for no good reason. LAPD was called in one instance and the person was escorted out by them. Before I worked there, there was a person shot on the street and tried coming into our locked business for assistance. The employees didn't open the door, but called 911. Something tells me none of this is enough for a "good cause". Clearly, the potential for violence does exist at a higher rate in the neighborhoods in which I work, but to have wait for a more violent incident to occur in order to have "good cause" makes me livid.

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