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Originally Posted by FlyboyJS View Post
I only have two although at the time of my CCW class I only had my P226 and between doing the livescan and getting the final appointment I picked up a SA EMP. So I had to do range qualification with it prior to the final appt on Jan 18th to then have everything in place for that appt. All is good now and just waiting for the paper to arrive in my mailbox.
I did about the same thing. Qualified with my SR9C and my P-90, then sold the P-90 when I bought a Ruger LCP. I went and got a separate qualification for the LCP. Turned it all in on my last appointment. But, when my CCW arrived today (!!!) only the SR9C was on it! I wrote an email to Amber asking how to fix it. It no doubt means at least one more trip downtown.

But, at least I can carry one gun now. That's more than most in CA.
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