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Default Ammo Keychains - 30-06 44mag/spl .40s&w .45acp .223 7.62x39 .308 .357/.38 9mm

These keychains are made from either once-fired (and cleaned, and processed) brass, or new, disassembled ammo.

Also, Calguns member JoshP gave me the following idea: making a keychain out of your spent factory test round. If anyone is interested in this, please PM me.

I currently have available:
► .30-06 Springfield
► .308 Winchester
► 7.62x39
► .223 Remington
► .44 Magnum
► .44 Special
► .45 ACP - Now available in either Brass or Nickel cases, with Copper FMJ or Remington Golden Saber bullets (like the .357 & 9mm JHP's pictured below)
► .40 S&W
► .357 Magnum - Nickel cases with Remington Golden Sabre bullets
► 9mm- Nickel or Brass cases. FMJ or JHP
► 7.62x54r
► 10mm

If you want a 30-06 for Bullet Button use, let me know, and I'll replace the polymer tip bullet with a FMJ. Also, the polymer-tipped bullets make for an interesting stylus for your PDA. All the other rifle rounds have FMJ bullets, so they are good-to-go as a bullet button tool.

Of course, no primers or powder, so these rounds are inert.

At the moment, I can't make any other type of ammo key-chains because I don't have the appropriate reloading dies. But if there's enough interest, I may be willing to make the investment. Shoot me a PM.

Currently, cartridges of interest are:
► 50 Beowulf
► 338 Lapua Magnum
(PM if interested, so that i can better determine interest)


Less than 3: $5.00 each + $1.00 shipping
3 to 9: $4.50 each + Free shipping
10 or more: $4.00 each + Free shipping

(discreet) Paypal, Check, Money Order, and Cash are all acceptable.

Local pickup is OK. I live in Manteca, and work in Downtown San Jose.

Please remember to ask questions and make comments via Private Message, since the Mods will delete such posts from here. Read the Marketplace Rules for details.

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