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Originally Posted by Rugerdaddy View Post
Am I the only one who didn't have three guns on his permit application?! They must have thought there was something wrong with me. Most of you guys have a hard time choosing which of your vast arsenal of handguns you want to put on the permit!

I had a Ruger P-90, full size .45 that I didn't feel comfortable carrying because I'm on the smaller size- too hard to conceal. I sold it to a friend. That leaves me with a Walther P-22 (Does anybody put a .22 on a CCW?!), a Ruger .380 ACP LCP, and a Ruger SR9C. So, I only have those two on my application. I could have asked them if I could put my AR-15 on there , but I'm guessing they would have pooh-poohed that idea! Well, a Glock 23 (.40 S&W) is on my to-buy list, so I'll add that later.

I expect to receive my CCW in the mail any day now- final appointment was January 11.
I only have two although at the time of my CCW class I only had my P226 and between doing the livescan and getting the final appointment I picked up a SA EMP. So I had to do range qualification with it prior to the final appt on Jan 18th to then have everything in place for that appt. All is good now and just waiting for the paper to arrive in my mailbox.
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