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Originally Posted by xounlistedxox View Post
Pretty sad if that were the case. Think about it... If you need to Renew, Turn In Final Papers, or Modify your CCW the only day of the week to do it is Tuesday and even then it's only three hours on Tuesday from 9am-12pm, so in any given month there is only roughly 12 hours to do any of these things out of a total of roughly 720 total hours in an average month. Even if you go by business hours it's about 170 hours a week that they operate. Then take into account the couple thousand permits out there.
I just keep in mind the fact that, up until recently, they weren't approving and handing out very many permits at all. I'm sure the Tuesday 9-12 hours were set up for that kind of load. It might require staffing changes and other internal approvals and stuff to get those hours extended. I don't think they're doing it to turn people away or make it difficult, it just takes time for any bureaucracy to catch up to reality. Just a guess, but they might even be resisting a change in hours because they expect requests to become fewer after the initial flood is over...saves them having to extend hours and then cut them back later. Or they want a sufficient period of time over which to gauge the need so they can set just the right number of additional hours. Or....any number of other reasons.

Originally Posted by xounlistedxox View Post
What was the date of your Final Paperwork Appointment, so those of us who just had out Final Papers Appt. have an idea of how long the wait until permit is in hand is?
Thank You
From the date I signed and gave my thumbprint to Amber it was almost 4 weeks: 24 days in all. Longest wait ever!
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