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Default Appointment completed today 1/19 ...

I completed my appointment today 1/19 for initial application review/signing. Ditto what Sacto929 reported ... review & sign application, fingerprints, copies of everything (CDL, weapons receipts, etc.), and picture taken. Took about 20 minutes. I asked for and received a full-copy of my signed application. Ditto the no next steps communicated. I asked and was told that the next step would be that they would call me to inform me of my pass/fail of the BGC. I asked if when I took the required CCW training if I would have to "qualify" with ALL weapons cited on the application. Was told they didn't know the details of the "training" but didn't think I would need to qualify with EACH and ALL weapons listed, etc.

So I guess that question stands open. Since I put down 5 weapons on my application (used an attached sheet as requested on the appl.) will I have to qualify with ALL 5? Who knows THE answer?
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