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Whoa - Thought Randall was back for a second there - Nah -

Originally Posted by EmmaGoldman View Post
my two cents:

I would suggest that newbie reloaders on a budget buy the cheapest Lee non-progressive press kit to begin with (can't remember the name). The difference between this press and the more expensive single stage presses is minimal for handgun ammo.

Many feel that newbies should learn non-progressive first. I'm not sure if I agree completely, but if you are jumping straight to progressive, you should study that Lyman book like your life depends on it.

If you are note mechanically inclined, the Lee progressives may not be for you. I adore mine, but I am a mechanic. The printed instructions are awful! There are better instructions on You Tube. I suggest watching those before buying a press. The Lee progressives are so cheap that multiple caliber-specific presses are a common alternative to changing press setups.
^ ^ ^ This post tricked me into thinking Randall was back
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