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Originally Posted by FreedomProtector View Post
OK, I know this is a basic question, but better to be absolutely certain I understand the Calguns Flowchart before I purchase a complete upper for the S&W M&P-15 stripped lower I just purchased.

So first, I don't see the S&W M&P-15 listed in appendices A, B, or C and since I bought it from City Arms in Pacifica, a fully licensed CA firearms retailer, I presume I am legal so far.

Now here's the question: I am interested in buying a Rock River complete upper half with the same name as a model that appears in Appendix B. However, I am of the understanding that the names listed in Appendix B only apply to lower receivers (the registered part carrying the serial number) and should not apply to the complete upper that I am interested in. Is this correct?
The upper does not matter, in terms of name, only in terms of evil features, if you are making a 'featureless' build to avoid using a bullet button. The lower is the 'firearm' and what is on the lower is what matters in terms of 'brand and model'. Yes our 'assault weapon' laws are a patchwork of nonsense...

That S&W lower is GTG with a bullet button installed- back when the list came into being, they were not making ARs so are not on the list, and thanks to Aaaannnnaaaalld no other 'assault weapons' can be added by brand and model.

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