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I get up to Spenceville now and then, from the Sac area. I used to go to the Colfax area but that was shut down, apparently due to some bad behavior. (Plus, there were train tracks down range and now and then a train would go by. People stopped shooting. At least when I was there. But still . . . )

As for Spenceville, I've seen the yahoos also what I think of as the Calguns types - considerate and responsible. But rather than abandon the range to the idiots, which insures that it will go away, I'd encourage people to go there and if nothing else set a good example. If the powers that be visit and see its 100% idiots, the future is certain. If it's good shooters and some idiots, well, who knows. The layout there is great, and while the crowds can be mixed, it's an asset to all shooters in the area.

Of course, I haven't seen it so bad that I felt the need to leave. Some of the stories above are admittedly awful.
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