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I have watched a bit and figured I'd throw in my 2 pennies.

I get the premise that if one can't follow traffic laws then one could be considered a bit loose in the eyes of the law when it comes to a car. I get that they see a car as a large weapon and thus frown upon traffic citations.

The problem I have is it seems like they look at your good cause reason first. If that's fine by them then they look at your driving record. If that's blemished even in the smallest way (fix it tickets, ca stops, etc) they immediately form an opinion against you which I think is very wrong.

They give people badges and guns and powers of the law with such infractions and sometimes worse which in my opinion should be held to a higher standard than a citizen attempting to exercise their God given right to bear (concealed) arms and protect at the very least themselves.

This is a democracy and if we don't like the way our elected officials are doing business then we need to have them kick rocks for someone who will adhere to the policies we want. Just my opinion and I don't know much
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