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Thanks for the great update.

For the first appointment, do you fill out sections 1-3 (read sections 4,5) and stop there? Do you bring your weapons to the first or second appointment?

When do you take a CCW class - anytime before the second appointment?

Originally Posted by sacto929 View Post
For those interested in applying, you need to schedule an appointment.

1. Call the EDSO @ (530) 621-5655 and ask for the Records Desk. They will schedule you for an appointment (right now, they're a week out, but that will increase soon...).

2. At the appointment, they will take and review your DOJ application, take your picture and finger prints, and conduct an interview. As was stated before, at that appointment, they will collect a non-refundable fee of $125.

I just got back to the computer after stopping in to drop off my application. The deputy did a cursory review, then scheduled me for an appointment and gave the application back to me with the information above.

The deputy was very pleasant and helpful. I think that they are in the midst of rolling with the policy changes right now.

I hope this helps for others in need of the info.
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