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Originally Posted by scootergmc View Post
I ask:

Doesn't vBulletin have a software option to just keep a thread from being bumped every 24 hours, regardless of the amount of posts? Seems like it would take care of a lot of things on your end....

I also object to my question on the grounds that it has probably been asked and answered.
There is nothing built in to vbulletin for that, there may be modifications or hacks for that but I am very particular about what gets installed. Nothing that is not 100% vetted for security and stability.

Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
which is why there needs to be a moderator auto-PM addition to the fourm.
See above.

Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
If the other party is a no-show at the agreed upon meeting place, I would be out money in gas and time getting to the meeting location.
In an instance like that there is a loss of money and so negative would be warranted.

Originally Posted by Gryff View Post
Yes, but allowing the seller to withdraw from an agreement because they found someone who will pay more violates the intent and terms of the marketplace, even if the buyer hasn't driven anywhere. That seller deserves negative feedback since they weren't honorable. (And the reverse is true if the buyer backs out due to remorse or finding a lower price)
Something like this would be cause for Neutral feedback, it lets buyers/sellers know what happened and the is what counts.
Also if a seller is making agreements and then taking higher offers that then falls under the 'No Auctions' rule and has it's own repercussions.

Originally Posted by sirgiles View Post
since when are moderators qualified to become judges or even arbitrators? see link below.
Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
not sure if I agree with this one. Moderators aren't judges.
Since these are essentially the same question I'll answer them together.
In cases of dispute the Moderators already act as Mediators at the request of one or both parties, this is a formalized statement of what currently occurs. The Staff only gets involved when one or both parties feels there is an issue that they can not resolve among themselves and asks for help.
In a case such as this the staff will look at the issue and all communication from both parties and attempt to reach an amicable solution. In most cases a solution can be reached however in the rare case when it can not be or a serious problem arises this rule allows the Staff to act as needed.

The bottom line is CGN and the Marketplace forums are a private entity and venue and like all private entities there has to be a 'Court of Last Resort'.

Originally Posted by evidens83 View Post
Who determines which shill is too much? How do you determine who is friends with who and if they're friend-shilling or not? Why would one shill be better than another?
"Interpretation of intent will be at the discretion of the Calguns Staff."
This was heavily discussed by the Staff and we have some methods and ideas that will not be discussed publicly.
Also we will be looking for patterns and familiarity.
If we start to recognize a member's name associated with similar posts or see a trend forming that will be a give away as well.
We will always do our best to be objective however I will post this again:
"Interpretation of intent will be at the discretion of the Calguns Staff."

The intent of these revisions is not to try to make everyone happy, that will never happen.
What is intended is to merge as best as is possible the criteria and concerns of the forum and the Staff with the desires of the community in to something that while not perfect for everyone is acceptable to most.
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