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Originally Posted by Kid Stanislaus View Post
Between your name and this information I'm getting a picture of you that sez, "Uh oh, this guy just may be a bit of a loose cannon on the deck."
I've had some run ins with this character (OK, by run ins I mean shallow and somewhat meaningful conversations... but nonetheless...) as a result, loose cannon is not a way I would describe him.

Take me for instance... Cubmaster, clergy, father of 4, insurance agent, never arrested, formerly an EMT, no traffic citations for over 2 years... and even at that, the last one was dismissed cause the citing officer decided he was in the wrong and notified the court.

Still, I was denied cause somehow I am thought of by our current sheriff to be a dangerous character who is lacking in moral character as a result of my traffic history.

The remaining tickets on my record are nothing more than 65 in a 65 while towing down a hill, tailgating at traffic hour (in other words... everyone was guilty at the time, I was just the easiest one to pull over) and blowing a stop sign while driving 5 mph for over a block cause I was hopelessly lost and was so worried about finding my way out of suburbia that the stop sign literally went unnoticed (not proud of that mistake... but I was in the middle of a crappy sacramento neighborhood, I was literally getting a little freaked out that I stuck out like such a sore thumb... I was actually a little relieved to find the cop... LOL... he was able to give me good directions to get out of there)

None of these paint the picture of a loose cannon, however, Placer has a strict low to no tolerance of traffic citations, no matter who you are or what the circumstances of them are, even if they are all dismissed... PERIOD.

Is that unreasonable? Do our neighbors with 3 or 4 tickets and a CCW in Butte County have wild west shooting spree's? So many questions and only one answer: GET A NEW SHERIFF!
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