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Originally Posted by thatrogue View Post
No worries thats the point of the forum.

Speeding tickets and moral character IMHO have nothing to do with one another. I drive for a living, it is a statistical improbability for me to never be ticketed, I drive four times as many miles as Joe average. The other issue is calling this a character issue is questionable just on the basis that everyone (75%+or-) at some frequency speed it's just luck whether or not your the one to get pulled over. The tickets I have listed on the app. 1. towing missing 1 out of 2 chains ......... 3 years ago
2. towing over 55mph (67 if I remember correctly) .......... 2 years ago
3. 80 mph in 65 zone ....... 6 months ago
4. 52 mph in 40 mph (1/4 mile section of east roseville prky) the rest is 45-50 ....... 4 months ago
Between your name and this information I'm getting a picture of you that sez, "Uh oh, this guy just may be a bit of a loose cannon on the deck."
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