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Originally Posted by Anti-Hero View Post
While I agree, cell phone infractions are pretty minor, they're still "contact" and that is the problem. The more contact you have with deputies and officers, the greater the possibility of something going sideways.

I'm not saying you're right or wrong. I'm just playing devils advocate.
No worries thats the point of the forum.

Speeding tickets and moral character IMHO have nothing to do with one another. I drive for a living, it is a statistical improbability for me to never be ticketed, I drive four times as many miles as Joe average. The other issue is calling this a character issue is questionable just on the basis that everyone (75%+or-) at some frequency speed it's just luck whether or not your the one to get pulled over.

The tickets I have listed on the app.

1. towing missing 1 out of 2 chains ......... 3 years ago
2. towing over 55mph (67 if I remember correctly) .......... 2 years ago
3. 80 mph in 65 zone ....... 6 months ago
4. 52 mph in 40 mph (1/4 mile section of east roseville prky) the rest is 45-50 ....... 4 months ago
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