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Originally Posted by Anti-Hero View Post
I didn't have an opinion either way, I just thought he had a good chance of receiving it. Then I went back and read that he had 4 tickets in 60 days. That's a lot of LE contact in a short period of time, do you not agree?

I try not to have an opinion on matters like this, because you only ever have one side of the story. Just because a person says "I only have x on my record" doesn't always mean they're not presenting the facts in their favor.

I personally believe Placer is pretty fair about CCW issuance, but I will also say my data sample size is admittedly small.
Remember Anti-hero two of the contacts are as a result of a cell phone. It's isn't even required to be listed on the application. I'm not a prohibited person and have damn good cause. I have never had cuffs placed on me, never even had a at fault accident, and the only leo contact I have had is traffic related... and a neighbor that didn't like an old car that I was restoring, calling the police every so often.

Bottom line is at minimum I was overcharged $195 by Placers backwards process, and at worst I was wrongfully denied.
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