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Originally Posted by Anti-Hero View Post
I didn't have an opinion either way, I just thought he had a good chance of receiving it. Then I went back and read that he had 4 tickets in 60 days. That's a lot of LE contact in a short period of time, do you not agree?

I try not to have an opinion on matters like this, because you only ever have one side of the story. Just because a person says "I only have x on my record" doesn't always mean they're not presenting the facts in their favor.

I personally believe Placer is pretty fair about CCW issuance, but I will also say my data sample size is admittedly small.
You make a good point. I sometimes forget that I have been digging into Placer County CCW issuance practices for almost 2 years now. This however does include the time I spent researching issuance practices prior to my application and subsequent denial. With the first hand details I have picked up on both sides, it starts to show a pattern of something that smells of the sea.

This isn't the appropriate place to disclose the details and I don't expect you to take my word for it, but for what it may be worth to you, I have done my homework. Most that Calguns leadership is well aware of and some that is just for me to know to lead me down other roads of research for later.
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