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Originally Posted by Databyter View Post
I sent mine in today. I consider myself lucky to have only recently investigated this option.

For me I just dl'd the form, wrote a check, and sent 2 return receipt letters.

I'm crossing my fingers.

I'm on the fence about the C&R + COE combo.

Not sure it's worth it.

The 10 day waiting is a pain but ifit saves me a hundred bucks it's not that much of a pain.

I thought I read someone hinting about ammunition exemptions too? and more than 1 in 30.

Is there a source for this?
I just got my license yesterday, so for me it took 29 days from start to finish. I sent the app certified with return receipt for a little added insurance.

I also applied for the COE but have not yet heard from the State, granted I applied for that about ten days later, and during the holidays. I expect to hear something on that one fairly soon as well.

Just wanted to give a current State of affairs.

Now to edify some online ammo vendors and see who will honor the specific exemption that I now clearly enjoy under the law regarding online bulk ammo purchases.
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