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Originally Posted by Desert Dude View Post
According to Dillon at 8:05 am PST today Dillon will no longer ship the following after Jan 31, 2011

Loaded ammunition
Bullets (projectiles)
Speed loaders
Clips to hold ammo.

They WILL continue to ship

Reloading machines and accessories
Anything else not mentioned in "Will not ship"

WTF is Dillion thinking. Bullets (projectiles), magazines, speed loaders, and clips to hold ammo is not what is prohibited. This pertains to Penal Code 12316 which states, "Sale of ammunition or reloaded ammunition to a minor; defense; possession of ammunition by persons prohibited from possessing a firearm and school grounds. This Penal Code is already in the books. It was not added in AB 962. It looks like the vendors are going overboard.

I talked to Montana Gold yesterday and there reply was they know about the law and they are still shipping into California.