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I read through all of them.

Some of them, like CCWs going to judges, are universal throughout CA.

They also issue to PI, especially casino investigators.

I didn't notice any doctors, lawyers or jewelers, which seem like typical categories in some other places, although I was skimming.

There are a few from people connected to the department, like reserves and so on.

The one thing that stands out is the best way to get a CCW in SB is to become a pilot and join the Aero Squandron. From the number of Aero Squad CCWs in there, it seems like they must all have them. Not too surprising.

It also seems like the Aero Squad is quite big. They seem to have plenty of volunteer pilots, probably more than they really need.

I didn't see any CCWs in there that stand out as "I want a CCW because I'm ultra-rich". Although many rich people do have pilots licenses, so maybe there are some billionaire-CCWs among the aero squad. We would need to see the names to know if that's what's going on. They do seem to have a lot of pilots on call there. Maybe aero squad is the new sheriff's mounted posse?
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