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Originally Posted by ssteve View Post
Emailed him a letter, hopefully response time is decent.
I couldn't resist, I sent him an e-mail as well. My e-mail below. I think I did a good job writing it

CCW in Sonoma County question

Recently CCW issuance has become a hot button issue in CA due to the vast majority of the country going "shall issue" followed by the Heller and McDonald supreme court decisions confirming the right to individual self defense use of firearms as the core right protected by the 2nd amendment and the incorporation of this against the state, county, city, and other local governments.

Being that only holders of valid county or city issued CCW permits can legally "bear" functional arms in the state of California as described in the 2nd amendment per the penal code, and the Sheriff of Sonoma County must abide by both the US constitution (including the Supreme Court's interpretation of it) and California penal codes, I am asking what your position will be as Sonoma County Sheriff as to what constitutes "good cause" to issue a CCW permit?

The outgoing sheriff's policy was established when the courts in CA understood the 2nd amendment to protect a collective right, and not an individual right, so his policy of near no issue could be understandable in that context. Though in light of the total shift in 2A law this last year due to the previously mentioned SCOTUS decisions, can I assume a shift in Sonoma County's policy as well in the same way Sacramento County now accepts "self defense" as good cause in the aftermath of these landmark court decisions?

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