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Originally Posted by ssteve View Post
anyone know Steve Freitas's ideals on CCW's, and when will he be the new active sheriff?
He believes self defense alone isn't good cause. If you aren't wealthy with lots of property your life apparently should just wait for the deputies to arrive.

Funny how he starts out saying he supports the 2nd amendment, and follows up with saying you'll need to meet the "good cause standard" to utilize it.
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 1343 -0800

Mr. Bootsma,

Thank you for your e mail about CCW's in Sonoma County. First off, I support the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.

As for CCW's, the issue is the Penal Code section that says there must be "good cause" to issue the CCW. Different people have varying opinions on what "good cause" means. I know the Sheriff issues more CCW's then our law enforcement colleagues in the cities. For example, the city of Santa Rosa, with a population very similar to the unincorporated areas of the County, has 1 CCW issued to the best of my knowledge. On the other hand, the Sheriff currently has about 70 issued.

As for my position, I think I can best describe it by using an example. At a recent public meeting a rancher from the West County told me his story. He has several different properties and this requires him the use public roads to get to and from the various locations. At one of the locations he found evidence of marijuana being grown illegally on his property. He applied for a CCW but was turned down. In this situation I would have issued the CCW.

However, I need to point out that I did not check to see if this person was denied for some other reason and I did not verify his story. Either way the example is one that I can point to where I believe the ranchers story would meet the "good cause" standard in the Penal Code.

Each case needs to be looked at individually to see if it meets the "good cause" standard. I hope this example helps to explain, at least in this case, what my position is on the "good cause" question.

If you want to give me a specific example of your own I would be happy to answer it.

Thank you,

Steve Freitas
Freitas for Sheriff 2010
PO Box 869
Windsor, Ca 95492
(707) 570-1900

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