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Yes, everything you are reading is directly from applications approved by the current Sheriff (Moore).

Sheriff Moore does issue CCWs, though apparently not using any consistent method of determining "good cause" and "good moral character", among other process-related issues. If you'd like to apply, PM me your name, email address, and phone number and I will send you specific instructions on how to proceed.


Originally Posted by torquen View Post
Hello, I am new to this site but have been reading everything I can. I am from Lodi and would like to try and get my CCW. I'm a firefighter, manage a vineyard, hunt/fish, and shoot at the range quite often.

I looked at the link posted above showing the good causes used in SJ. Are these good causes from people that were actually accepted? Some of them seem to be very childish with terrible spelling as well as not making sense.

Has anyone received a CCW from Sheriff Moore? I would love to carry again "when I lived in AZ I was allowed." Defiantly made me feel much more comfortable doing every day/night activities.

Thank you for the help. Its time to start "the process" so would the first step be to call the S.O. and make an appointment?
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