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Pretty sure PVI will:

Here is the e-mail that I sent on 12/22/10:


Will I still be able to order projectiles from you guys after 2/1/11?

For instance, I have ordered Hornady .44M and .50 AE bullets (projectiles) from you - AB 962 refers to loaded handgun ammo - not components.

Some suppliers are applying very liberal interpretations of the law and not shipping anything that has to do with handgun ammo.

What say 'ye?

Thanks And Happy Holidays,
John W.
San Jose, Commiefornia

This is the response I got from PVI on 12/23/10 - which was posted in a thread on this exact topic previous to this thread:


We are keeping an eye on this issue.
As of this time we will plan to continue shipping all components to California.
There have been several actions in process to clarify things but nothing concrete has developed.



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