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Originally Posted by meathead9 View Post
Did you end up getting your approval?

Has anyone heard anything recently? I applied on 12/7, so I'm a little later than some of you, but I haven't heard anything yet.
I haven’t heard boo from them since the call I mentioned above on the 14th.

It has dragged out so long that it will not really matter if I find out today or in a month and a half. I am getting so booked up that I will be lucky if I have time to get my class until after my wedding in February. And even after that it will be difficult because I will be newly married and we will have just bought a house with acreage and about half a mile of fence line that needs some mending before I can put spring lambs and a steer on it… and all the other crap that is going on… ok I will shut up and stop ranting… I just wish I had known a couple weeks ago… it would have been a lot easier.
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