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Originally Posted by swiftone View Post
I have a question that I have not seen addressed in the time I have been a member of cal guns.

I have three OLL AR’s- one has a 22 dedicated upper on top and the other two are 5.56 uppers

Most of my shooting is with 22 conversion kits installed in the 5.56 uppers. We all know that the AW law is for center fire rifles, but has anyone been detained, inconvenienced or otherwise gotten in heat for having evil features on an AR with a .22 conversion kit installed? I pretty much leave the .22 kits installed and do not even take a 5.56 BCG, 5.56 magazines or ammo when I go to the range. I save that for “out of state” pleasure trips.

Any suggestions on how to protect myself from overzealous/or AW uneducated LEO’s? (Other than locking my case, keeping a copy of the flow sheet with me, etc) My rifles are all pretty simple – only evil features are a pistol grip and collapsible stock.
I've heard so much fud regarding 22 kits and 22 uppers. At one store, they insisted that I use a BB on the lower with a full 22 upper installed (not a conversion, a 22 chambered upper) UNLESS the lower does not indicate on it that it is 223 or 5.56 or other centerfire caliber. As if just having a lower that says .223 with a pistol grip and no BB was against the law, but ok if it did not state it was for a centerfire cartridge. I know better, a lower without an upper is not semi-automatic so cannot trigger any kind of aw status. However, an upper built to take .223 or any centerfire round, should never go on such a lower without a BB, even with a 22 conversion kit in it IMO (and I am not a lawyer, just not a good idea IMO.) The upper is still chambered in a centerfire cartridge. Now having a 22 upper on it is different, as it as the barrel is chambered for a rimfire round. Again, I'm no lawyer, but I go by what the barrel is chambered for. I'm about to order a 22 upper from CMMG and build one of my bare lowers dedicated to it with no BB and a pistol grip and I don't care if it says .223 on the side.

In your case, I would keep a BB installed- your rifle is chambered for a centerfire round, regardless of the adapter inserted IMO. Now let the lawyers chime in...

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