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Originally Posted by wentbig View Post
Can anyone tell me where to get training that Yolo county will accept for CCW.
The yolo sportsman says go to the community college, the college says go to the yolo sportsman... I don't want to go to the wrong class.
Nah, man. I shoot at Yolo Sportsmen all the time. They're great guys. The problem is that Yuba College usually only offers renewals at Yolo. I think the range office just wanted you to call Yuba College to find out when the next "initial" class is offered. That course is recognized by the Yolo sheriff's department. If worse comes to worse, you can go to Marysville where the instructor usually teaches. This instructor has been doing this class for a looong time. He's a good guy, just ask the Yuba College to get a message to him.
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