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Default Same Time He Lets Me Back In

Originally Posted by Gray Peterson View Post
So, GS, when are you going to let me and Brandon back on the CalCCW forum without being muzzled?
I saved my screen shot from the time he bounced me out. I show it proudly to any and all interested parties. At this time I know they don't want anyone but their own saying anything contrary to their opinion - afterall, unless you have partaken of the koolaid you are not one of them.

I just posted the following on the CCW donation page:

I am still waiting for the rest of OC CCW supporters to step up and put their money and time out here where we can all see it. For far toooo long there has been this collection of CCW holders and Instructors lurking here and spouting off on another site about what a "great" job they are doing and how they are leading the way.

No More!!

CALGUNS is doing it. I firmly believe that at this time CalGuns owns the CCW effort for the State and everyone should look to them for the experience and proper guidance from this time forward. Anyone else claiming to be in support of CCW rights and NOT supporting this effort loudly and CLEARLY, are in my opinion, full of hot air.

I may get a message from the Head Janitor on this, but I am tired of being the ONLY Vendor for OC. There are other Businesses, Gun Stores and Ranges, that need to be informed of their serious lack of support for this effort. I would hope that all those CalGun members in OC will stop by their locations, or send them emails, to let them know we, the business owners, have an obligation to you, our customers, to make sure ALL of your rights are protected and that you can exercise them to the fullest.


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