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Originally Posted by 3GunFunShooter View Post
Has any one tried the IMR 8208 XBR with 69 or 77 SMK?
Read the write up in the Hodgdon Reloading mag. Looks good but just wanted to check. Going to be using an 18" JP 1/8 twist. Looking for a 300-400 yard load that is close to the Black Hills 77 gr Match ammo which shot out of my gun at 2805 FPS. Drop was perfect with my Burris XTR BDC at 300 yds. 1.25" group at 300. When I win the lottery I'll shoot factory.
I've been shooting 77SMK out to 600:

77 SMK
LC case
23 grn XBR 8208
Wolf SRM primer

2.245 COL

RRA NM, 20in, 1/8, SS, Wylde chamber

No chrono data though
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