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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
*cough* I've seen the actual powerpoint used and found it mildly useful and not very FUD. Please email me as I'd love to compare notes to see if yours was "old" or if I missed something when I "reviewed" it.

Let me say this for those who are waiting; anyone who has any sort of good cause beyond simply self defense should feel free to apply and should expect to be successful.

After reading through the guidelines i still see stuff like,"gotta go to the local chief first, ect. ect. I think i'll wait till i see some movement. I don't think i have a "good cause" a have a "great need" as to why i need a ccw. My apprehension comes from not knowing if the Sheriff thinks the same way i do!

For the record, my clock was for fun! I will wait till you guys give the actual green light on this. If not i will go to my other residence and get one which is pretty close to shall issue. I don't mind waiting.
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