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Default Handgun Safe Reviews

I was asked by a LEO that works with CCWs to sticky some of my research on handgun safes that are suitable for use in a vehicle. Here are the ones I have looked at so far and my thoughts on them. I will try to add more as I see them. If you want to check any safe to see if it is DOJ approved, you may do so here. Please feel free to add reviews for other safes that you are familiar with including a picture and a link to their website. Also, please keep discussion in this thread to a minimum. Thank you and enjoy!

Stack-On Model # QAS-1304-
This mounts with a plate that is attached to a solid surface. The safe can be removed from the plate. It does not appear to have a cable lock option. It is CA DOJ approved. If you had the room in your car, this would be a good safe to mount under the front seat as you would be able to easily access it.

Gunvault has a number of options that are TSA approved and some that are DOJ approved. Their website does not list which ones are DOJ approved but this can be looked up on the roster.

The GV-Nano 200 has a key lock and is made of steel construction. It is designed to be secured with a cable. Cons, it requires a key and is small. The factory does not mention mounting it, but reviews say that there are mounting holes on the back. This box is TSA approved but does not appear to be on the DOJ roster.

The Microvault is similar to the Nano vault except a little larger with a slightly heavier construction and it has an electronic combination lock. It is also available in a biometric model. All versions of this safe are CA DOJ approved

The GV 1000 series safes are actually very nice. They are a little more pricy but appear to be solid. They have electric locks. They can be mounted either to a surface or with an optional cable. Their biggest drawback for me is the size. There are not a lot of places to put this safe in my truck but could be a great option for someone with a little more room. It is available in standard and deluxe package, either an electric combo you can put in without looking or biometric. The standard model I found is available locally at Harbor Freight Tools for $120. All of the models are DOJ approved.

Another option. Not clear how it mounts but it is DOJ approved. It is a bit chunky and I am not overly crazy about the looks of it.
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