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Originally Posted by dantodd View Post
What I didn't see is if any of those have "business use only" restrictions.
I didn't either, but about a third of the way through the first pdf there's a couple of 'em asking for the business restriction to be removed, with statements as to why.

ETA: On the business restriction waiver, I'm referring to the letter dated 11/17/08 and it's halfway through the first pdf file, not a third as I thought before.

He says,

A personal visit to a friend on a weekend can also quickly become a meeting with a potential client if they express some interest in one of my properties -- when someone does, I immediately try to show them a home. When showing and inspecting homes I often run into squatters. Is that work related? If so, I would have inevitably left my firearm at home because of the work restriction and the original "personal" nature of the visit to a friend.

Something as simple as a trip to the mall can quickly become an encounter with a person I have evicted -- this recently occurred....
If this fellow's work restriction was waived on these grounds, this an opening for us?

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