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Part 3, page 53:

Having carried a weapon for 28 years, I think I need it for protection.

Applied for P.I. License, & passed test today, (11/14/07)

Hopes to work for an agency

As far as renewal requests, are the good cause statements looked at just as strictly as new requests, or does the issuing authority generally give more leniency for the renewals?

Part 1, Page 9, the licensee mentions 9/11 as a factor:

2) Due to the numerous changes in security measure and the demand on Law Enforcement since 9/11 I have felt a need to increase my personal protection as well as my business protection

To sum my reason for a CCW is for self protction and the protection of my personal and business property which if in the wrong hands can create a problem especially for Law Enforcement.
The licensee goes on to mention this:

...I have been faced with a new line of customers from all races who basically present a new challenge for me in dealing with their needs and wants

I would think that if a person submitting a GC letter that mentions race in any shape or form, would immediately be denied, especially with the tone above, no?

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