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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
"Virtual Shall Issue" is and should be our top priority. Knocking off the illegal requirements/restrictions is and should be our 2nd priority (making getting those SD GC CCWs easier and quicker to get). Getting the word out should be our 3rd priority.

My CCW Public Service Announcement (PSA) idea, getting one of the Right People on AM Talk Radio shows, interviews/editorials w/local media, and local news reports when a major urban county goes vSI should all help w/getting the word out. The NRA (via email alerts and announcements on their websites) and its members, along w/CGNers, will all help.

Eventually, after a few years of vSI w/o incident, sheriffs will relent and post info on their website.

Thanks for all your & Gray's efforts!
When the time is right, and there is appropriate precaution, we will let people know. I want it to where if someone types in "San Mateo CCW" this forum or the San Mateo carry initiative page comes up on top.

Should I post GnR's Patience again?
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