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Originally Posted by westsiderippa View Post
thanks for the info but i dont get it? it uploads but the file is blank? the doj app downloads just fine and i have all pages but the gc and the local policies are just blank files, huh idk. maybe its a mac thing. im going to try it in safari instead of firefox and see but i doubt that works. and i have no access to a pc
There was one other instance with a member not being able to download it properly and they were also on a Mac. I'm going to have to test this with mine and see if I can find what is the common cause. IIRC the other user had Mac OS 10.4, do you know what version you are running?


I just tried it on my Mac G4, running OS 10.4, and I was able to reproduce the same results when trying to download it using Firefox. I tried Safari and it gave me a bit more information, stating that the file was created using a newer version of Acrobat and that I needed to go to Adobe's site and download the latest version of Acrobat Reader. You can download the latest version of Acrobat from Here

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