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Originally Posted by jtmkinsd View Post
I'm afraid you're misinformed, no matter who gave you the information. There is no Federal exemption for intrafamilial transfers. So driving or flying into CA and leaving a gun with anybody is a Federal Crime. CA offers a Safe Handgun Roster exemption for intrafamilial transfers, and if they are both CA residents, no FFL is needed. If the firearm comes in from out of State, both Federal, and CA State law requires it to go through an FFL. There are a number of threads on this site which point to the relevent statutes.
Don't be afraid. You are correct and I owe you an apology. I apologize.

I reviewed my records, and you are correct. The particular transaction I referenced, involving the 1911's, was in fact an intrafamily transfer, but the transfer from my family member to me was intrastate and not interstate.

Again, my humble apologies.