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Originally Posted by Glackowitz View Post
Im in Oregon and looks as if one has an Oregon and Utah it will cover 32 states..CA and FL are excluded

Oregon CCW permit for a resident is 65.00 first time and 50.00 renewal(4yrs)

The extra 15.00 is the initial Background and fingerprinting( 1st time applicants ony)

Not sure on the Non resident applications

For me to get Oregon, Utah and Florida would almost be redundant as adding FL only gives 2 more states and alot more $$.

Does CA ofer a Non resident CCW??**EDIT** Nevermind...On the map it states May issue to residents only***
I picked up my Florida so that I could travel and carry in New Mexico. As the states agreements are always changing, it didn't hurt to pick up my Florida one as well. One other plus is that it is valid for 7 years.
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