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Originally Posted by tacticalsniper View Post
i bet any of these girls would go for me because im rich, buff, hot, strong, have alot of guns, have a big uhhh hum, and girls are always hanging off of me. but thesee girls are only hot enough for a one nighter
WOW I am sick of you already. Lets take a look at your posts since I have them up already. I hope the mods dont get on me about this one but I have to say quit being a douche bag.

get a sawn off or an aa 12 or a ranger. pump actions are crap, inacccurat can only hold up to 10 shots and have crappy range.
why get a crappy mini .22lr just get a manum or a .500 smith and wesson. i carry 2 silber magnums with gold etching that says the lead doctor in spanish. i get them from a drug lord in mexico wheni was a black ops sniper for the DEA working on a mision to assassinate a cocaine lord.
i carried on in somalia and im just saying if you cant carry that thing like it nothing, youve got issues. i killed a lot of skinnies with it. but those shotguns are ok for close quarter tactical combat
hey i carried an assault m16 like yours in somali, except mine had a drum disc clip a lazer and a scope. and a bipod. i loved shooting at skinnys and towel head with dat bad boi
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