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Originally Posted by Can'thavenuthingood View Post
I'm in Lemoore, work in Visalia as Production Superviser at Spraying Devices. Started a second job as an MSF Rider Coach which ought to transition to full time soon at NAS Lemoore (This is jobs page link for the base).

Retired Marine Corps GySgt, ride a 1984 FXRS and an XT 225, (looking for an SV650) wife rides a 1985 FXRS. Kids are grown up and gone. Have a 6 month old puppy which is driving us nuts (Border Collie mix) and a 7 month old feral kitty which prefers to be outside.

Get out to Panoche about twice a year for shooting and meetups. Otherwise shooting takes place at the Lemoore Sportsmens club. I pick up my new FMK 9mm Tuesday 26 Jan, my birthday present.

I started selling the Calguns apparel about 3 years ago. Shipping for you Central Valley guys is easy, probably free delivery.

We have a Friends of the NRA Dinner coming up on 18 February in Lemoore, DC Arms is hosting it again this year.
I bought a pink Crickett youth rifle and put together a kit to include a brick of .22 ammo, sound supressors, a pack of targets, eye protection and a carrying case. This kit will be presented as a Calguns sponsored item and given away in the drawing raffles.

I'm down for meetup pretty much anytime anywhere, lunch, shooting (shooting lunch?). In fact we need to start these soon regardless of how many show up, we can have several as often as possible.
There are several Friends of NRA Dinners coming up, we could also do a get together at these places. If you have never been to a dinner give it a shot as its a hoot.

Went down to Hungry Valley at Gorman a few weeks ago for a day of dirt bike riding. I was on a 1976 350 Honda, only dumped it twice early on looking for first from second and found neutral halfway up the stinking hill. I am also a state certified ATV Instructor. If any of you guys have a place we can have some classes, they are free for kids up to 17 years old. Also classes come free with the purchase of new machine. I've seen rebates for most all back to 5 years or so.

By the way, you heard it here first.
We have a .270 Winchester signed by Ted Nugent to auction off at the Friends of NRA Dinner in Lemoore on 18 February 2010. He signed it as he was walking out the door on his way to Africa to kill something large. DC Arms is handling it so get your bids in early and often. Don't know if you need be present to win but I'd think you'd have to be to bid.

I get wordy in print.

I worked for the company who designed and built the original molds for Spraying Devices Inc

I even was the guy who came up with the formula for the strainer rings

not that anyone cares, lol
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