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Originally Posted by vico512 View Post
OK - gang. I've read so many strings (including the CGF Wiki) that, every time I think I've "got it", I read something else that adds to the confusion. So, here's the specifics:

I live in Washington State.

My son (in his mid-20s) lives in the LA area, and belongs to a club in Burbank.

I would like to buy him a Springfield XDm .45ACP.
  1. So, I purchase the gun here in Seattle, and
  2. also buy a couple of 10-round magazines for it.
  3. I find an FFL in the LA area that will accept it.
  4. I send it to the FFL with a clear statement that it's a gift, and who I am and who he is.
  5. [My son] has his HSC.
  6. He goes in and fills-out the paperwork, waits the 10 days, pays the fee and gets the handgun .

Do I have this correct, or am I missing something?

That's exactly right - I reformatted your post so the steps are clear, but you have all of them.
Calguns Wiki, Magazine Qs, Knife laws

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