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I've never had a problem at Sac Valley and I've taken things that are arguably scarier looking than a BB'ed AR, though I have had my ARs there too. Everyone I have talked with there has been decently knowledgeable about the gun laws. Occasionally people will express interest and ask questions but that is fine with me. I've never had anyone who identified him or herself as a Law Enforcement Officer but all my guns legally configured so I guess I don't worry much.

Sac Valley is no problem. Shoot with peace of mind.

Originally Posted by Trashcanman View Post
. *** far as I know it is a legal AR and it definately has a BB on it and just to be safe I will never go to the range with anything more than a 10 rd magazine. I have already purchased some 30 round magazines set to hold 10 rounds...
You had better stick to only 10 round mags or less for BB'ed guns. If you want to use larger mags you have to go featureless. You probably meant that, I just wanted to clarify.
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