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Mine I put in a diferent thread was a little less detailed

Upper consists of
[ ]Complete upper reciever
[ ]Complete Bolt Carrier Group
[ ]Charging handle
[ ]Barrel
[ ]Gas block
[ ]Gas block tube and roll pin
[ ]Flash suppressor and crush washer
[ ]Free float handguard
[ ]Delta ring, spring and retainer
[ ]Handguard
[ ]Handguard cap

Lower consists of
[ ]Stripped lower
[ ]Lower parts kit
[ ]Buffer, buffer tube and buffer spring
[ ]Buttstock
[ ]Bullet Button (for rifles with evil features)

To assemble the upper you will need some special tools
Upper receiver action block
Armorers tool

For the lower if you don't have an armorers tool you will need a buttstock wrench if you have a collapsible buttstock.
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