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Originally Posted by blackandredwarrior View Post
Add me to the Fresno-area list I suppose. Though I am from Clovis. I've lived here all my life and generally don't have a wanting to escape. We're 3 hours from everywhere.

I'm well let's go with draftsman for a local C-10 contractor. Though anymore the only thing I haven't done is actually sign the checks (in the last 12 years there's been many "other duties as assigned" from warehouse (filled in for injured coworker), to some basic design and lately filling in for the office manager while she's on maternity leave. Definitely not a boring place to work. I've done a little bit of everything. I've got that whole Jack of All Trades, Master of None going on. It provides for job security at work.

The only special talent I seem to have is to get involved in expensive hobbies: computers (I'm one of those Linux-using commies), photography, ATVs (that's the screen name origin '03 Yamaha Warrior) and ham radio. I think that pretty much hits the highlights. Oh, and on the aviation subject, I've flown R/C planes, but I've been around G/A (the boss flies, and is a Gun Nut^TM). Oh, and I dabled in airsoft for a while (1.-2years). That's an activity for people who are in shape, well a non-round shape.

I didn't really grow up around guns, though my dad had a few left over from his single life. Though now I'm wanting to start my own shooting. Most of the camping I've done has been involved with was with my ATVs so not to worried about having to defend myself (obviously I've never been to Glamis). But I've started camping with my buddy and his family and I've done a radio contest in the hills and would like to have something around Just in Case.

I've been lurking the last couple days trying to answer The Question: What to Get. Going to try and hit a few of the local stores this weekend.

Now to figure out how to pay for this... I think it's time to start selling off the old hobbies.
I bought a 870 express magnum 12g for HD and also to bring with me while camping and backpacking. I paid about $300 for the gun (back in 05).
I was deciding between the 12g and a 357mag wheel gun for this purchase.
I ended up going with the shotgun for versatility of ammo. I wouldn't have to worry if i was camping in bear area if I was loaded up with slugs. Plus for HD it's a no brainer to hit your target.
The only downsides with camping or backpacking is it's not as easy to have on your person and accessable as a handgun.

Hope this might help your decision.
Check out Breco in Clovis since you live in that area. (never have heard nothing but great things about Breco)
Theres also Mayfield on first and ashlan (i think??), Herb Bowers, another place on the south west corner of blackstone and herndon which I cannot remember the name.

Good luck man and welcome to the forums!
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Oh you didn't hear? Silencers are used by ASSASSINS TO MURDER BABIES.

Want to carry in the woods? Click here.
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