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Originally Posted by Trashcanman View Post
Sac Valley is the one I have been thinking about going to. Rancho Cordova range was another one. If I like Sac Valley I plan on joing up as a member.

My biggest worry is showing up with a m&p 15t and people peeing their pants. Or is a leo is there and decides he want to ask questions petaining to my rifle.

Has any of you been approached by the LE on a range and been questioned over it? I plan on have that letter that was writtin by a sac sheriff in my bag at all times. The last thing I want is to walk into the range with a brand new rifle and leave the place without my rifle because a leo decided it didn't fit what he though was a ca legal ar. I will be getting it in the next few day and posting a pic and pointing out why I think it is legal. Hopefully I get input back so I know I am going this the right way. Obviously I am not affraid to own one, I just want to make sure I can keep it.
I go to Yolo Sportsman in Davis with both of my Ar's no questions or problems as there are others there with them. Some LEO's shoot there as well..
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