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As I was looking through these it seems that many calgunners might have good cause very similar to those on pgs. 24 and 27.

the GC on pg 24 is essentially that the person is a firearms instructor, sells something (can't tell what) and he carries lots of guns and sensitive/expensive equipment around. I think nearly half the calgunners might also carry lots of guns and equipment around, though they aren't instructors I don't see where that is really a factor in increasing the applicants risk.

I don't see where the fact that the GC on pg. 27 is for a business owner is particularly relevant as the reason s/he feels the need to carry is because they are required to respond at all times of the day and night, carries cash and wears jewelry. (while I don't wear jewelry it is possible that a Roles might qualify)

As for what you should do with this info, I suspect that Wildhawker is the best to answer that. I am not sure if he wants people to apply with well crafted GC now that they know what the sheriff has recently accepted or if he wants people to wait. I'll let him chime in on that.
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