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I just spoke to the rangers up there - no one prior to my calling had let them know that we are intending to do a clean up - so the removal aspect is entirely up to us - but they can secure the range for us while we clean.

This means - in short - that we will need to dispose of whatever we clean up. I also was sure to ask about "what about the occassional mixed in live rounds?" - he stated that generally it doesnt matter and go ahead and throw it in with the mixed trash.

So heres what i propose we each try to do :

Bring plenty of trash bags but also some trashcans

some should be used for recycling metals / plastics
some should be mixed waste (busted up plastics / non-recyclables / spent cases )
some should be EWASTE bins ( computer / stereo / tv ) parts

Everyone would simply take out as much as they can and dispose of it via their home / work trash ( case allowing ).

I live where we have a communal dumpster - so i will be happy to fill my SUV to the gills with stuff and dump there.

Heres the real zinger : 40% chance of rain.

Everyone that is intending on going - please chime in BEFORE END OF DAY (5pm pst) THURSDAY -- the gentleman w/ the forest service i spoke to requested a 2day heads up if we do need them to close the range for us to clean.


If anyone has questions or anything - PM me a phone # and I'll call you asap.
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