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Originally Posted by FALAK View Post
Jack, or anyone who knows about these:

1) I downloaded the Adobe-fillable ATF forms, and they work well. I read a lot about the original green form. I assume that is historical now that ATF has the PDF form on their website. Has anyone succeeded using the downloaded form?
I would only use the ATF-provided PDF form.

I would not use the copy hosted on CGN.

2) I am an US citizen, so I assume to leave item 10 completely blank. Or, do I still need to fill item 10-A to certify my compliance?
correct. you leave 10 blank. As it says inthe form, "immigrant aliens listed in item 9" have to fill out item 10. Since you aren't an immigrant alien, item 10 does not apply to you.

Furthermore, do I need to fill the separate Form 5330-20 (certification of compliance)?

Thank you again
as mentioned on the website, "In addition to the below documents, applications must be accompanied by a signed Certification of Compliance (ATF F 5330.20) for each additional Responsible Person (RP) on the license, if applicable."

do you have multiple people listed in item 9? if not, then that doesn't apply to you either.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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