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Originally Posted by FALAK View Post
I downloaded the BATF form, which asks the applicant to identify his/her local CLEO. Do I just provide the name and address, or is it my responsibility to get the local CLEO sign off the form before I submit to BATF?
per the instructions, you just send a copy to the CLEO and note who you sent it to on the ATF copy. There is no need to get a CLEO sign off, and no spot on the form for you to do so if you tried.

If not, does BATF contact my local CLEO upon receiving my application, wait for his/her signature of approval, then issue me the C&R license?

BATF does not normally contact your CLEO for approval since no CLEO approva is neccessary. What the CLEO can do is contact BATF if there is a reason why BATF shouldn't approve it. For instance, your CLEO knows that you have a 5150 or have a Domestic VIolence conviction, they can contact BATF to make sure that BATF knows about it.

Do you want an AOW or C&R SBS/SBR in CA?

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